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In Vein NYC - Queens Vascular Surgery Dr- Varicose Veins

In Vein NYC - Queens Vascular Surgery Dr

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The vein treatment center is led by Dr. Philip Claire, DO, a Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist. Dr. Philip is board certified by the American Board of Radiology and has many years of experience in the Osteopathic field of medicine. The medical practice specializes in varicose vein symptoms, diagnosis and treatments as well as all spider vein related procedures.


This medical practices provides care to patients living in the New York City (Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn & Bronx) area.


Treatment Types:


  • Sclerotherapy

  • Laser

  • EndoVenous Thermal Ablation

  • Microphlebectomy

  • VenaSeal

  • Vein Ligation and Stripping

  • Thrombolytic Vein Therapy

  • Compression Stocking Vein

The practice also deals with severe vein related conditions such as:

  • Varicose Ulcers

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis

  • Superficial Vein Thrombosis

  • Vein Surgery

In Vein NYC: Spider & Varicose Blog

In Vein NYC is a blog and guide designed to help local residents find the best varicose and spider vein doctors in town but also provide incredible tips and feedback regarding everything going on in the medical world of vein procedures. Learn more at and follow our directory and blogs to understand vein treatments at a higher level.

Natural Remedies For Spider Veins And Varicose Veins

Many people have had to deal with one vein disease or the other at some point in their life. The spider and varicose veins are both prevalent conditions that can cause a great deal of distress to anyone that it besieges. Most of these people are constantly in search of an effective vascular service or treatment to tackle this unpleasant body guest. Besides going through many medical rigors to deal with spider veins and varicose veins, have you ever thought of the possible natural ways to handle these conditions seamlessly and natural preventive measures as well? In that case, this is all you need to know about how nature can come to your rescue.

Before we delve into the natural ways to cure this condition, let’s briefly x-ray the preventive measures.

Regular Exercise And Stretching: take time to exercise and stretch your body every day as it improves blood circulation and reduces the pressure of valves of veins.

Good Posture: lying down properly or sitting upright can help the proper flow of blood. Avoid prolonged sitting or standing or crossing of legs.

Reduced Use Of Hot Tubs And Saunas: be mindful of how the rate you use hot tubs as excessive heat can lead to swells and bulging veins in the legs.

Avoiding Tight Clothing: tight clothing can hinder the movement of blood along veins. Be mindful of how long you wear them.

Food Remedy: avoid excessive alcohol intake as well as salty foods.

Natural Treatments

Ø  Use compression stockings

Ø  Massage affected skin parts

Ø  Exercise regularly

Ø  Use grapeseed oil

Ø  Use horse chestnut seed extract

Ø  Proper diet

Although these have proven to some individuals of being a viable way to prevent and treat varicose and spider veins naturally, they are no much scientific backings to these theories. The best practice remains to consult with your physician.